by Heartfields

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Recorded Oct.-Nov. 2011
All songs written/arranged by HEARTFIELDS

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released December 8, 2011

Vocals// Steve
Guitar// Danny
Bass// Jessi
Drums+Backvox// Chris

Recorded by Viktor Gomer at GOMREC Bamberg




Heartfields Bamberg, Germany

Punkrock from Bamberg, Germany.
Started in 2007.

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Track Name: The only one you got
her heart of concrete impossible to open you're out on the street your heart's in a rut you want it to stop but it's the only one you've got your hands rough and sore the glory of life is spilled on the floor your heart's in a rut you want it to stop but it's the only one you've got the fuckin only one you've got
Track Name: Things to come
fights on the street you can have it all day so when you don’t retreat you can have it and stay when you get on your feet you can do it today and when you’re on the street there is someone to blame yeah when you get to the show there's no one today and when you're left alone there's no one left to blame an end always gotta be a start I hope this place will tear itself apart an end always gotta be a start this time I feel it deep inside my heart
Track Name: Jean
can't you see that she's all locked up inside can't you see that all she's got left is pride will you also walk away from her put your dick into another girl why don't you stay with her as friends you gotta lift her up again don't ever walk away from her cause she will end up sad and hurt she's got her ways and no one else seems to wonder what she's thinking where she's sleeping when she's off to drinking
Track Name: Lose control
when you lost control you wanna give it up you gotta save your soul you're really shit outta luck living in a hole what you have is not enough pain has dried your soul you're really close to giving up and the love you found is gonna leave you anyway you wanna hear no sound only burn your life to the ground give it up c'mon give it up give it up
Track Name: Anything
we're off tonight go somewhere outside we lose it I feel alright it feels so wrong it feels so right I must go on let's go go tonight rock rock n roll let's dance the night put something on anything just in case you forget to catch the last train tonight put something on
Track Name: Someone like you
I wanna meet someone like you I wanna I wanna feel the same I felt those days yeah let me just get this one thing done I wanna meet someone like you I want to I want to get to know you in every way you know I wanna somebody somebody you like somebody somebody put something in my drink
Track Name: Television youth
some new people in my scene they don’t belong here all these years where have they been the old crew is dying out they just don’t care those new people they’re not proud I grew bitter since last time at least I don’t care sit at home with a glass of wine tonight I gonna make a call let’s go dancing the thing hasn’t changed at all I wanna crash I wanna burn I refuse to think and learn I wanna dance I wanna turn around tonight you are new I am old you don’t do the things you’re told I grew slow with the years stay at home and disappear
Track Name: When you're not near
every morning I'm outside sun is hot the ground is tight I buy a record all alone I listen till the day has gone I am home and drink a beer getting little lonely here so shake it baby in the club keep on moving till you drop meet a girl with attitude cooling down cause she's so cute but I don't know what to say all ideas gone away in the end I understand and I take her by the hand radio stations all along gonna play my favourite song all ideas are gone away when you're not near nothing's clear in my world but if you were here I wouldn't want another girl
Track Name: Circle of friends
I never felt change in my life I never really felt at home if I could look you in the eyes it's gonna be alright we will never stay alone let's go out and have a beer today and if we'll never be at home we will never be alone circle of friends on my mind all the times that we went through we will never be unkind and even though we're blind we will never be alone I know our places in every town you'll find our traces we will never stay alone know you're faces when you're gone and if we'll never be at home we will never be alone we will never be alone you can phone me when I'm home
Track Name: Know her name
my favourite’s gone away too long and I do not know where I belong she didn’t even say goodbye to me she’s not my girl she’ll never be I know her name and that is all I’m always waiting for her call but she does not know me at all she is spring and I am fall oh I’ve been watching her for years nothing has ever been so clear because I love you I admit but you will never know it I call a friend on the phone have a drink just to leave home I want that girl cause she is nice yes she caught my eyes I really want to get next to you I really need your eyes to see I really want to get next to you I really need your lips to speak
Track Name: No energy
my friends reject me they don’t want me that’s what I think I’m losing energy isolating isolated must get rid of what I hated never alone and never afraid that’s what I dream of stupid idiot any people any friends need to see them foreign lands I'm out of my mind I'm out of my mind yeah got no energy got no energy I'm out of my mind procrastination time yeah got no energy got no energy gotta get away gotta get away I'm out of my mind could you please rewind thinking positive jump off the cliff I really need a place to live when life is slow and life is dull put some chemicals in my skull
Track Name: Hearts
it's so quiet it's so quiet that I wonder if somebody helps me find it tonight let's just try it let's just try to get away from this and hide it alright you gotta keep moving every day every day